The Secret Ingredients for You and Your Business Success!

27 01 2010

It’s Sunday & like every Sunday (& every waking minute for that matter) I begin the day by checking all of my email accounts for important messages, updates, questions, comments, etc., from fans, followers, friends &/or clients.  Being affiliated w/ hundreds of social network sites, industry-related sites, blog-sites & many other miscellaneous social sites, I can tell you first-hand that this social networking has proved to be a much larger project than it led on to be in the first place!  There are some apps that help relieve some of the workload, but I haven’t found 1 app yet that can help w/ all of the social sites available!  There are also social network aggregators which help a ton, but I also haven’t found one social aggregator that can help us w/ every social site available!

However, I really enjoy many aspects about it & the lessons to be learned from other biz-owners, biz-professionals, etc., have proved to be invaluable!  Not only do they provide you w/ great biz advice, some of them actually provide great personal advice as well!  One such message I received this morning would not only provide a great deal of these benefits, but pose questions that I think alot of us forget during this hectic, desperate, confusing & depressing time of pure survival!  The message simply read…

Dear Shane,
I’ve posted a blog which you may find interesting.

Essential elements in a business relationship

I believe there are several ingredients to make a person successful as a business associate. To my mind, the most important are:

1. Integrity,

2. Sincerity,

3. Seriousness,

4. Perseverance,

5. Willingness to …

…& w/ a link along w/a simple request for comments, the blog ended.  Such a simple message that contains 1 simple ideal using very few words, yet it conveys such a powerful, inspirational & major-motivational meaning or message!  Words that most of us once knew & wanted to utilize for their road to success only to set them aside due to the reality of how we must conduct business & ourselves in order to survive & hopefully become successful!  These ideals are not meant for you to forget or for you to put them in the jar, close the lid & put them on the shelf for another day or when I have more time or whatever excuse you can use to justify your actions as “there are more important things to do for my business rather than these for right now”!  By doing this though, you have opened a door for many other things to put away or set aside for a better time, better place or countless other excuses as well!

So, when is a “better time” & why isn’t the “better time” now?  Why should a negative event, action or occurrence, such as our economic depression, be the reason why we reflect on or try to remember that these essential ingredients are important to us & our company’s success?  I’m sure we all can come up w/ different reasons, but I think there’s 1 reason why that we all can’t control, turn on & off when we want to &/or is a normal reaction that we don’t pay any attention to! Our subconscious part of the brain performs many actions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc., that we as humans do not pay attention to due to the reason that’s it’s “normal” & we don’t ask ourselves why b/c it’s mainly due to our normal pattern of reasoning!  If you drop your plate of food on the ground, your 1st reaction isn’t why it fell or why it broke the way it did or why your food is now all over the floor?  Your 1st reaction is “clean it up immediately & dispose of it before it’s an even larger mess & you don’t question this or try to breakdown the reason behind these actions, thoughts, etc.!  Same reasoning can be used here in that when something goes wrong, our immediate reaction is to fix the problem!  We use memory, reasoning, examples, questions & more to find the solution that will best fix this problem!  Simple reactions caused by negative events that we subconsciously perform or perform w/out reasons, thoughts, consequences, ideal purposes, etc.!

So now it is 10 years later, I’m requested by a fellow business owner & successful biz leader, to read this short & simple blog that contains less than 50 words & provide him w/ any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.  What I didn’t realize was the after affects that it would have on me, my company, my determination, my reasons, the questions, the answers, the undecided…..& among all of these confused thoughts & mixed-emotions, I was also able to find a positive meaning to this wonderful message!  Such a simple message, but 1 that was reinforced by a genuine effort of kindness w/ no regard or mention of any type of reward or thank you necessary!  His only request was for comments, ideas, opinions, etc., about the blog & what I felt about it or what it meant to me!  While this may seem like a simple task especially due to the content that he provided, as you can see it instead proved to be an even larger endeavor than what I expected!

Before I begin to explain my reasoning, I do want to express my displeasure w/ many the many rude comments & the ungrateful know-it-alls who would rather post, see &/or hear their smartass opinions & criticisms than realize the true value of this man’s sincere gift of inspiration!  Instead of expressing their appreciation & understanding for this man’s sincerity & opinions, they immediately throw his opinions away for their better answers, opinions &/or meanings!  Rather than take the time to understand the reasons for his thoughts & their importance above the rest, they instead use this moment to discredit his opinions w/ their know-it-all personalities whose only reasons for expression are a lack of insecurity & a deprivation of attention!  I realize that we all have our opinions & criticisms in which we are also allowed to express them, but what I don’t like is how these inconsiderate assholes diminish this man’s efforts to provide us w/an inspiring, educational & meaningful message!  My hope is that they see this message & step-back from their arrogant actions & the selfish mindset to give this man’s blog the importance, value & understanding that it deserves! Only then will they know, understand or realize what true ingredients of their successful business recipe!

Now getting back to the positive aspects that this valuable list of ingredients provides!  One thing that this blog did for me was take me back to when I first established Stokes Dock Co. & the many reasons why I wanted to go into biz in the first place & the many positive changes I wanted to make to my industry along w/ the major influences I could have in helping my clients, employees & my family!  Another exciting aspect is also the many other positive aspects that I not only want to be a part of, but what we could possibly be a part of as well!

It was b/c of these 5 simple words that made me reflect on my company’s true benefits & the solutions that I want to provide each & every person that I come into contact with!  Set aside the common ideas of fame, fortune & free-will w/ the benefits that exist much longer than the time it takes to deposit the check or the time it takes to squeeze-in 9 holes & more!  A great example is the smile, handshake & sincere thanks that we receive for helping our clients w/ what was a major issue to them & their lifestyle!  Another great example is the trust, loyalty, support & respect that our clients have in us to build &/or provide the best boat dock system in the industry!  Unlike my competitors, I had to earn this fabulous & well-renowned reputation by designing, combining & providing a list of ingredients that include:

  • The Best Quality Materials
  • The Most Advanced Technology
  • The Best Innovative Designs
  • The Most Durable Components
  • Quality-Conscious Methods
  • Supportive Staff Dedicated to Being the Best
  • Creative Yet Effective Techniques
  • Superior Product Performance
  • The Most Versatile Options
  • Customize Features to Customer Needs
  • The Safest, Most Secure & Most Stable Structure
  • The Best Overall Client Satisfaction
  • The Longest-Lasting Warranty

It’s those exact ingredients that have earned us the well-renowned reputation for providing clients w/ the absolute best  boat dock system available today!  However, it’s not only important for us to earn & be awarded this great reputation, it’s also critical that we maintain that reputation as well!  One ingredient that’s critical to maintaining this reputation is constant-attention to our clients safety & security on every product, service & solution we provide!  Not only do we need to protect their valuable water toys, entertainment items &/or investments, but the most valuable objects in the world that money can never buy or replace!  The objects I’m obviously referring to are the people or the family, friends & neighbors lives, that will utilize & incorporate the boat docks functions, features &/or benefits for their entertainment & lifestyle!

Last, but not least, is the pride, dignity & respect you & your employees receive for providing every client w/ the best quality marine products, the most reliable waterfront services & the absolute best waterfront solutions available on the market today!  I don’t mean for this to seem like we’re bragging, showing-off or being boisterous in any way, but truly knowing that every product you design, build & provide your clients w/ contains the absolute best quality materials, the most durable components, the best workmanship, the best techniques, the most advanced technology & many more unique features, functions &/or benefits that no one else can or no one else will offer their clients!  It’s those many qualities, ideals & ingredients that make me so proud of my company & especially my employees hard work, dedication, their purpose, their potential, their influence & their determination for ultimate success!

While my list may have grown to include many more ingredients for success, one ingredient that I could never have done w/out are the fabulous employees that work so hard to make our company a name to be proud of & a company that everyone wants to be a part of!  No matter what opinions, thoughts, ideals, results, accusations or what anyone tells you or any documents that may exist, the end result is still the same!  This company’s existence & main purpose has been & always will be a positive influence that will include positive ingredients & positive actions all help to produce the best & most positive results!

It’s b/c of this man’s generous gift of successful ingredients that I was able to remember what the real ingredients to my company’s existence, purpose, affects & eventual success!  I not only included these ingredients in my mixture, I also found other positive ingredients to add to my list, such as Heart, Determination, Dedication, Continuous Hard Work, Quality-Conscious, Value, Importance, Teamwork, Solutions, Influence, Aspire to be Better, Continually Improve, Reliability, Need, Passion, Purpose, 100% Client Satisfaction & more!  I hope one day I can look back on this blog to say that all of these terms listed & more were definitely the true ingredients to Stokes Dock Co.’s success!  Until then, we will work diligently to provide every one of our clients w/ the best quality marine products, the fastest-most-reliable services & the absolute best waterfront solutions in the entire world!  What ingredients are included in your mixture?  What would you add to this list in order to call you &/or your business “successful”?  What ingredients are you missing or need to add to your list?  I would really like to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns, ideas &/or ingredients as well!




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