About Us

Shane Stokes established Stokes Dock Co. in 2000 w/ a $600 paycheck & a vision to 1-day become the #1 source for enhancing the waterfront living experience!  Today, we are closer than ever to making that vision become a reality by providing residential & commercial clients all over the nation w/ the best quality dock products & the fastest-most-reliable waterfront services available!  We built this Quality-Conscious & Superb Reputation from a solid foundation of hard work ethics, dedication, determination, superior skills, effective techniques, loyalty to clients, creative ideas, knowledge, 110% effort on everything we do & especially 100% client satisfaction!

Now at Stokes Dock Co., Inc., we Design, Research, Develop, Manufacture, Construct, Service & Sell – New & Used – Residential & Commercial Boat Docks, Breakwater Systems, Boat Lifts, Floating Homes, Dock Products, Dock Accessories & more all over the Nation!  We offer a complete-line of professional, technical & skillful services designed to fit any application & we also offer the Nation’s Largest Selection of Dock Accessories!

Unlike other dock companies that use the same old design, same junk materials & the same out-of-date methods in order to simply sell you something, we use the Most Advanced Technology, the Best Quality Materials, Durable Components, Innovative Designs, Versatile Options, Creative Yet Effective Techniques, Proven Performance & Overall Client Satisfaction in order to Guarantee that every client receives the Absolute Best Quality Dock Products, the Fastest-Most-Reliable Dock Services & most of all, the Absolute Best Solutions Available!  One of our most important mission statements says it all…”We Provide Solutions For Yesterday’s Problems Using Tomorrow’s Technology…Today!”  Proof of this can be found in the many awards, certified achievements & record-breaking events that we have achieved in this short amount of time!

However, none of this is possible if it wasn’t for our loyal, faithful & satisfied clients, past & present, who not only conducted business w/ us, but also found the strength, courage & faith in themselves to believe in us & believe in the mission of Stokes Dock Co., Inc.! Not only are their existence proof enough of what we promise to deliver, but their complete 100% satisfaction w/ every dock product, every waterfront service & every solution we have provided them with!  Come & see for yourself, the difference that Stokes Dock Co., Inc. can make to your waterfront living experience today!  You can Call (573-348-2334), Click (www.stokesdock.com) or Come-by our national storefront conveniently located on Highway 54 in the Stone Crest Mall in Osage Beach, Missouri!  “Stokes Dock Co. – Enhancing Your Waterfront Living Experience!


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